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DWG FastView Plus for Windows

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Users can view, compare, share and plot DWG drawings, it also supports batch convert, dimensioning and measuring tools

DWG FastView Plus can be used to view DWG files, it has viewing tools like zoom, pan, 3D Orbit and magnifier that help users view drawings with ease. But it is more than just a viewer, it also has other functions: For example users can use drawing compare function to highlight differences between drawings; with plot drawing function, users can plot a drawing to a plotter, printer, or file. With drawing share function, users can share drawings in an innovative and secure way. What’s more, it also supports batch convert function which means users can use it to convert a bunch of DWG files to an older or current version with one click. Standard dimensioning tools and measuring tools are added to get accurate information and precise data.

Being light in weight, DWG FastView Plus is, however, quick to respond to large drawing files. You can start the software within only a few seconds and open large construction drawings with ease.

Tools such as advanced measurement and dimensioning have been added to the software to make its users better communicate with each other and enhance collaboration, saving time and improving efficiency.

Many users don’t give credence to drawing share tools embedded in the DWG Viewer, because they fear that other people might have easy access to their hard-earned drawings. With DWG FastView Plus, there is need to be worried, we provide you with secure drawing tools, you can share your drawings with your partner anytime and anywhere.

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DWG FastView Plus


DWG FastView Plus 1.0 for PC

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